Our Mission & Vision Statements

The Mission and Vision of Faith

Our MISSION is: Being disciples by: loving God, loving people, and making a difference...together.

Being a disciple is to be a follower of Jesus, connecting with Jesus in a loving relationship and living as Jesus wants us to live.

First, a disciple loves God and does everything from God's love. In worship, growth groups, and helping people are ways we experience God's love at Faith UMC.

Second, we are disciples by loving people. We accept all people as they are for who they are, and remember all people are children of God (2 Corinthians 6:18).

Third, we are disciples by making a difference in our community and world. We remember Jesus told us what we do to the least of people we do for Jesus (Matthew 25:40). We are intentional in missions for our community and helping people throughout the world.

Fourth, disciples live life and faith together. God intends created us to be in relationship as we encourage, comfort, and inspire one another.

Faith's Vision

The vision of Faith United Methodist Church is to build a disciple making community. We glorify God through:

● Loving and genuine relationships

● Growing our faith in Christ

● Outreach and Radical hospitality

● Serving others through missions

● Accepting all people as they are